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Concentrations of Study

Forensic Chemistry

Focus is on trace evidence, including glass, paint, soil, and fibers, drugs and alcohol, explosives, and arson evidence. Current research in the forensic chemistry lab includes developing methods for the detection of gunshot residue in tissue samples, investigating surface chemistries that affect fingerprint detection, and profiling illicit ecstasy tablets based on both organic and trace metal impurities present. More information can be found at

Forensic Biology

Involves DNA analysis and serology. Research in the laboratory focuses on designing and perfecting techniques that help advance the fields of forensic biology and forensic molecular biology. We also strive to develop a better practical and theoretical understanding of methods currently used in state, federal, and private forensic laboratories. Research encompasses both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and whil the primary focus is on the human species, work is performed on trace evidence from domestic animals that may exist at a crime scene, and wildlife species that are endangered, threatened, or otherwise at risk. More information can be found at